Saturday, April 2, 2016

Front Hall Foyer

I used a large monogram letter from AC Moore and then spray painted it with navy blue matte. 
Next I went to good old Wally World, in their craft section they have durable letters that I used for the EST 2009 and spray painted those as well. 


I then found 4 vinatage picture frames from our local antique shop in colors that would compliment one another as well as the current wall color in the foyer. 


I found an old coffee table that would work as the bench, I went to JoAnne Fabric and found a 3inch foam that I had cut to fit the bench, then I found a cloth that would compliment the rest of the decor and just folded the sides over. I have been thinking about getting a baby crib sheet and see if that stays put a little better. 


Lastly I went to home depot, you can scrounge in the discounted wood pile and find a piece that is relatively flat. I asked them to cut the board into 4- 3ft sections. I sanded and stained it with Minwax American Walnut with Polyurethane. I coated it about 3 times, sanded 1 more time with a final coat. I then affixed the 4 screws on the bottom with the hooks pre-attached- also at Home Depot. 

Lastly I convinced the DH to help with the drilling into the wall for the hardware to hold the shelf. I used 2- 6in. pipes from the plumbing section with 2 flanges and 2 caps all 3/4 inch openings and WALAH!

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