Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chocolate Layer Cake~ Super Easy

This is super easy. I really like boxed Devil's Food cake mix, I add chocolate chips into mine to make it more chocolatey!!

Spray your cake pans with non-stick and then flour them lightly! You need this if you bake them flat. 
Make box as directed and allow to cool until cake is cool to the touch. I used 2 9inch circle pans and I baked them flat- here is a really simple method:

Use 2 CLEAN towels and cut them into 2 inch strips, soak them in cold water and ring out, use safety pins to secure them around the pans. When the batter is in the pans, tap them on the counter lightly until you no longer see air bubbles surface. When you put your cakes in the oven, pull the shelf out and place the pans on. If you slide them, the towels make get stuck and pull off of your pans.

 2 cups of confectioner sugar
2 T butter (use real butter) softened
2T milk
1/2-1t vanilla extract (depends on how much vanilla flavor you like)
In a bowl, combine the sugar, butter, milk and vanilla, beat on medium speed until smooth and fluffy.This should take you about 5min for truly smooth frosting

So how to make the layers:
When the cakes are completely cool,  use 2 pieces of wax paper and 2 plates; layer in this order
wax paper
wax paper
plate on top

You are cutting your cake into 3 thin pancake layers. Repeat this next step.
Using a long serrated edge knife, slice the cake using the edge of the plate as your guide. Then carefully flip the thin pancake that you just make onto your cake platter. frost

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