Sunday, November 18, 2012

Front door welcoming bench

When you come in my house through the front door there was an empty space so I decided to make it functional!

I refurbished an old coffee table from my parents,
bought a foam pad from JoAnn's for cushioning, fabric that was on clearance
 2 plastic bins and 3 coordinating pillows from the Christmas Tree Shop ... here we go!

I didn't make the fabric permanently attached to the foam pad for the reason that I may want to change the pattern for future decor and I want to be able to wash the fabric if it gets dirty.
I also purchased the two plastic bins so that if they get splashed with muddy shoes I can easily wipe them down.
So simple:
Place the foam on top of the coffee table and cover with fabric as you would a flat sheet, you could probably also use a fitted sheet for a more taught look. Place the pillows on the bench and bins underneath to hold mittens, hats, scarves!!

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