Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fuzzeez Toys

We received 2 of the Fuzzeez Toys compliments of the company in exchange for this review.

This is not a toy that I would purchase. My children were not able to complete the project themselves as it required a lot of water and soap which can be quite messy but also the buttons to close the templates together were somewhat difficult for my children to close on their own.

My husband and I followed the directions and then washed and dried the product as directed. Upon removing the products from my drier my husband did a little repair work to "reattach" the limbs and then dried them again in attempts to secure the limbs to the body.

Well suffice to say, the stuffed animals did not last more than 5 minutes. They ended up looking like toys that my dog had a grand old time with rather than something that we just made 5 minutes ago.


the box...

slightly different 

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